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Classic Martha: Beautiful Bedside Tables

March 10, 2011 by admin

Martha Stewart Living always had a certain dream-like quality to me.  And few spaces were more dreamy than the bedrooms in MSL.  Here are some pretty dreamy images of bedrooms and bedside tables form the August 2005 issue.

Photography by Eric Piasecki, MSL August 2005

This room feels old-fashioned and charming and is a good lesson in layering up a bed with a variety of sheeting, coverlets, patterns and colours.

Photography by Eric Piasecki, MSL August 2005

A set of gilded nesting tables is a great bedside alternative.  Plus you get more and more surface area as you ‘un-nest’ the tables.  A wall-mounted sconce keeps surfaces clear.

Photography by Eric Piasecki, MSL August 2005

A painted chest like this is my all-time favourite.  Tons of storage and tons of effortless style.  I also love the unusual printed bedding and tall, skinny candlestick lamp.

Photography by Eric Piasecki, MSL August 2005

A small writing desk is another great bedside alternative.  It gives you lots of surface area and tucking a little stool beneath provides double duty – a nightstand and a writing desk.  The wood is nice and warm here too and contrasts nicely with the soft curvy headboard.  And that desk lamp?  Perfection.

Photography by Eric Piasecki, MSL August 2005

I’m a big fan of twin beds.  The caned headboards painted pale green are unexpected and smart and painting out the small bedside table in the middle is a great touch.  The bedskirts are soft and romantic and the shamrock D. Porthault sheets (which are ultra exclusive and luxe) are a pretty and quirky touch.

This puts me in the mood for a nap.  Sweet dreams!




  1. Yes, Martha certainly knows how to dress a bed. The chest in the third image looks similar to the one in the living room on page 125 in the April issue of H&H.

    By the way, I LOVED this issue of H&H! I could live quite happily in any of the rooms in the Colour Confidential article; the design contest winners were amazing especially the Best Overall House and Best Decorating winners; Anne Hepfer’s rooms are stunning as usual; and that country home in Caledon is right up my alley. This was too long to tweet!

    (Sorry to hijack your Martha post but just had to tell ya!)

    • Don’t worry – I don’t mind at all! I’m so happy you liked the issue! The Anne Hepfer house was lovely for sure – I wish we had room to show more. The dining room had a killer fireplace. And I loved the soft use of colour, nothing too brash, but still so lush and luxe. I’m glad you liked the design contest winners because Cameron and I had to sort through HUNDREDS of entries to pick those ones. I went on the shoot with the twin’s kitchen winners, best colour and best budget and the winners were all so appreciative and great. And Colour Confidential?!?! Oh my gosh isn’t that amazing?! My friend Morgan Michener did that one and it is AMAZING. So much style, such great tips, so authentically put together. It was a LOT of work, but looked so good. Imagine building those sets, one after another in a couple of days and decorating, and styling and, and…! She’s amazing. I’ll tell her you liked it so well.

      Thanks Vanessa!


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