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Decor Happy!

January 26, 2011 by admin

Decorating by Michael Penney, Photography by Michael Graydon, House & Home Magazine June 2009

Vanessa over at Decor Happy has kindly interviewed me for her readers (as if you haven’t heard me blather on enough!).

Check it out and thank you Vanessa!


  1. Design Love says:


    I just read the interview, and I have to say I enjoyed learning all these tidbits about you! Have you heard of Bert Manion, a designer from Toronto? He is a favourite of Ray Staples (funny woman) and he is my husbands uncle!


  2. Mary says:

    A counselor, huh? Besides decorating & design, you must have great listening skills.
    Do you ever have decorating disputes with your wife? How do they get settled? Or does she completely trust your designs? Does she have the same style as you?

  3. A friend mentioned that you had posted a link to my blog and my photo. Had no idea – thank you so much!

    A few people were asking at the IDS media preview this am, how I got the interview with you. I said, I just emailed you and you emailed back! Your approachability is refreshing!
    Thanks again!

  4. Kristin says:

    Fantastic interview!
    Done the taupe and red…how embarassing! But I’m over it now thanks to your help.
    The red cushions are in the basement where they are resting peacefully, collecting dust, until they are perhaps covered with something more exciting!

    • Kristin, don’t be embarrassed! Oh brother, I don’t want to tisk tisk anyone, it’s just a look I’ve seen a lot and I just want to encourage people to think outside the box. I have a feeling you’re coming into your own style-wise, don’t you worry!


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