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So was Santa good to you?

December 29, 2010 by admin

Christmas has come and gone, all of the gifts have been given and received.  Did you get anything special?  Or maybe there was a Snuggie with your name on it under the tree (the 2010 version of a lump of coal).

I was lucky enough to get some things that I really loved on Christmas morning and they’re the kind of things I can really use.  I always liked that time just after Christmas morning when you’d take your gifts upstairs to your room and just play with their shiny new-ness.  So in that same spirit, let me show you some of the fun things I got this year!

First up, this graphic zig-zag printed plate.  I know for a fact that these little babies are on sale at West Elm and cost under $5.  They’re great on a coffee table like this or used in an entrance to catch keys, or even for serving a special hor d’oeuvre.

I also scored a couple of really lovely, understated ceramic bowls.  I’d been complaining to my wife Sara that I never have enough bowls when I need them.  They’re great for fruit or just sitting empty as decorative objects on a mantle piece or table.  I also love a simple shallow white bowl to float a single fresh blossom in, like a peony or garden rose.

Now this one’s a classic – my mother in law got me this black lacquered tray (also from West Elm and also on sale!).  It’s a decorator’s best friend and I know I’ll use it in so many places over the years.  It goes with every decorating scheme and adds a little polish and sophistication to every room.  You’ve got to get one of these!

Finally, this great gift from Sara.  First there is a great old-school notebook because I’m always jotting down my hare brained ideas.  Also there’s a great sketch book for even more ideas plus some artists’ markers which I love.  The finishing touch is the little button that reads ‘St. Clair’ for the subway station near our first apartment as a married couple.  It’s a great memento.

And that’s my haul!  Well I also got lots of other things (socks, toothpaste and so on…) but that stuff wasn’t decor-related or very photogenic.

So I guess it’s a little late, but Merry Christmas!


  1. Jillian says:

    Hey Michael,
    Never too late to say Merry Christmas! Got a lovely black Burberry Trench coat piped in patent leather, to face the rain in style this spring. Happy New Year!

    • Okay good, then Merry Christmas X 3 Jillian! I wonder how long I can leave my tree up…? I actually have 2 up this year – one real (pine) and one faux (white and full of crazy vintage ornaments).

      That trench sounds fantastic! Now, do you do the statement rain boots too or would that be too much for one ensemble? I of course do neither and usually look like a drowned rat.

      Happy New Year to you too!


  2. Pat Walker says:

    Michael, I love it! I’ve reached that state in my life where I have no more need of little things and all my friends gave me wonderful food delicacies. Gourmet jams and jellies, toppings for cheese, chocolate covered dried fruit, beer bread mix (I also have a fabulous recipe for this that I’ve made for years), old-fashioned cookies and a creme brulee torch complete with ramekins. I think I was the happiest gift recipient out there!!!!!

    • Sounds fantastic Pat! And delicious might I add…

      I know what you mean though, it’s so much nicer when you get nice little things that really speak to you instead of big ticket obligatory gifts.

      Thank you so much for checking out my blog and check back often!


  3. Laurie says:

    Why, Mr. Penney,

    I am gobsmacked (as I mentioned on Twitter) but absolutely thrilled to see you in the electronic universe. I look forward to your posts on all things beautiful and – dare I say it? – exactly as you like.

    Your companion in design,

    Squishy Boots Grassi

    • Laurie! You tweeted about me?!? I’m so flattered!! Maybe I’ll have to join that strange world with you…you never know!

      And trust me, I am really impressed with MYSELF for this blog and uploading pictures and everything! For those of you who don’t know me – I am the world’s lest technologically minded person EVER.

      Also, so glad you think it’s looking okay and I hope you check back (and tweet?) often! See you soon Laurie!


  4. Carol Bessell says:

    Well done Michael ! Have a Happy New Year and every good wish for your venture! Your picture was like looking at my brother (at that age!) and brought back many happy memories of Christmas and the gifts we recieved..I wonder if he remembers his train set! They were very happy holidays! Enjoy yours!

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