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Jennie's Party

December 29, 2010 by admin

At the moment, Sara is getting ready to go to a bridal shower for my cousin Jennie.  It’s got a bit of a theme – an homage to Jennie’s style icon – Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s.  In keeping with the theme the ladies are all dressing Holly Golightly-style and Sara’s got on a black dress, flats and the pearl earrings I just got her for Christmas.

Here’s the apartment from the classic film.  You gotta love that 1960’s mix of Victoriana and Mod.

I thought in honour of Jennie and Ben (the goom to be), I’d whip up a post.  My cousin Jaclyn (Jennie’s older sister) is a chef and party-planner extraordinaire,  so no doubt it will be a fete to remember.  But just so I can get my two cents in, here’s what I’m seeing for a party/ wedding like this…

How about a table scheme like this, inspired by the iconic Tiffany’s box?  This scheme’s a little less sweet than some of the things I’m seeing out there and not so literal.

You’ve probably seen lots of wedding cakes in the shape of a Tiffany box, but how about this little number?  I like that it will appeal to both bride and groom, and mixes that tradition with modernity (like the movie’s apartment).

And if you really want to go authentic, like I know Jennie would, take inspiration from this classic stationery suite for invitations, menu cards and thank you notes.

To the happy couple!

Hope you like the gift Jennie!  The Christmas ornament is for their first Christmas as a married couple – and I guess it kinda looks like a Tiffany’s diamond too!




  1. Jennie says:

    Thanks so much for this post Michael!!! We had a great time, and I love the gift! (and the ornament) Love this blog – you are fantastic!!

  2. Love love love! Such a great post…now if only we had discussed ideas when I saw you on Sunday night I could have picked your brain for inspiration :)

  3. Jaclyn, you did NOT need me! Sara reported that the shower was totally charming and that the theme really pulled everything together. I gather there were some fancy long gloves, broad brimmed hats and the classic film was screening the whole time on a big screen – so fun! Sara especially loved the fantastic ‘tree’ in the centre of the dining table with turquoise accents and little birds in the branches for hanging well-wishes for the couple. I’m sure it was a magical evening for everyone and especially Jennie.

    For everyone who doesn’t know, Jaclyn is my cousin that was throwing the party (decor, food, you name it) and she is the author of an amazing food blog called Modern Day Martha. Check it out at : today!


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