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Fresh Beginnings

December 26, 2010 by admin


Room Design by Michael Penney; Photographer Angus Fergusson; House & Home Magazine June 2008

Hello!  Allow me to introduce myself:  My name is Michael Penney and I’ve got a thing for decorating.  Okay maybe it’s a little more than a thing because it’s pretty much what I eat, breathe, and sleep.  I can’t help getting excited about a swatch of patterned fabric or lose an hour arranging and rearranging a bunch of paint chips into a bunch of fun new palettes.  I spend my days walking around taking snap shots of beautiful details in the world around me and I can’t stop junk shopping for my latest treasure.

This is pretty much how it’s always been with me.  I started young and never looked back.  When I was in University I took a deep breath and started fresh by making design my career of choice.  I poured all of my energy into practicing my decorating skills and read and read and read every book and magazine I could get my hands on.  I reached out to the design community and followed every lead.  And guess what – it worked.

I started fresh again when I took an internship with House & Home Magazine and eventually became a full fledged Style Editor.  I literally spend every day decorating and working with designers.  Can you believe it?  I branched out and began blogging for and then started filming segments for House & Home Online TV.  And now for the next deep breath – the next fresh beginning.

It’s time for a new place to get your decorating fill and be inspired with gorgeous ideas.  It’s time for me to clear my throat and speak up about what I love about design and why I love it.  Trust me, it’s not about flash.  It’s not about the ‘taste police’ and listing a bunch of decorating don’ts so that all you’re left with is bland beige rooms with no soul or character.  On the contrary, Michael Penney Style is all about personal expression and letting you come out in your rooms.  It’s about exploring places and ideas that make you giddy with excitement for your home.

So let’s explore together.  Pull up a chair, put up your feet and get comfortable.  Transforming your home into something beautiful is an exciting journey I can’t wait to take along with you.


Michael Penney – your friendly neighbourhood decorator


  1. Hi Michael,
    Congrats on your new blog. I can’t wait to read your posts as I love your style and your DIY’s. Have you left H&H? Enquiring minds want to know!

  2. Allison Woodley says:

    Congratulations Michael!
    It is already looking beautiful, love it already.

  3. Thanks Allison! I’m glad you like it!


  4. Hi Vanessa, I’m so glad you found me! How did you by the way?!?! I just finished putting this together!

    Hoping to post lots on LOTS of topics and even some DIY’s in the near future. And no, I haven’t left H&H, I’m still a Style Editor there and I’ve even got some exciting TV news coming up too…more to come!


  5. Erin says:

    Yay! So excited that you have your own blog. I’m adding you to my blogroll right now! Congrats!

  6. Thanks Erin! That’s super exciting! Tell me more about your shop…


  7. Erin says:

    Hi Michael,
    Our etsy shop, named after our now three-month old son, is a place where we post all of our lovely vintage finds. We’re always finding great stuff but we’ve got a little house, so no room to keep it all! We thought it’d be nice to have a Canadian source for affordable vintage home decor items, since sometimes the customs and duties can really add to the cost when buying from the States. I’ve got a bunch of new items to upload to the shop (hopefully tonight) from our thrifting over the weekend (like a huge brass rocking horse and a lovely koi fish vase). I’d love for you to visit us at We’ll also be having a New Years’ sale in a few days. Thanks for asking about our shop! Actually, I often think of your tips when I’m out thrifting – a while back we scored a great set of copper pots that I had just seen you use on a House&Home online tv segment!
    All the best to you,
    P.S. Are you on twitter?

    • Okay guys you HAVE to check out Erin’s etsy shop!

      Erin – I love all of the items you have and I’ll be checking back often. I especially love the brass wine bucket, the wooden pear (so sweet) and the vintage tea pot. I’d love to own any of these.

      So glad to be introduced! Oh and save any copper for me please…haha!


  8. Kristin says:

    Thanks for giving me the confidence to buy what I like for my first home instead of getting tangled up in trends and rules. I’m excited to follow your blog!!

  9. Congrats on the new blog Michael! I love your work at H&H – your DIYs are inspiring and your thrifty tips are always great. I look forward to seeing more about your personal tastes here on the blog.

  10. Thanks Jen! I was just out at Home Depot and Home Sense tonight taking snaps of some more of those thrifty finds. Can’t wait to share ’em!


  11. Lindsay says:

    Yippee for your new blog! Erin (above) told me about it. Added you to my blog roll!

  12. Thanks Lindsay! What’s your blog called?


  13. Lindsay says:

    People either refer to it as “Aubrey & Lindsay’s Blog” or “Little House Blog” as that is our twitter name. :)

  14. Lindsay I love your blog! I really, really love the DIY ikea dresser – did I see that in Style At Home? Seriously, that is an amazing project!! I’ve used that Lee Valley hardware a few times too – so simple and perfect! Also, your basement – woah! Sara is jealous cause our basement is a bit of a dungeon. You had yours dug deeper right? One day, one day…


    P.S. Lindsay’s blog is

    Check it out!

  15. Hi Michael,

    I found your blog when Cameron tweeted about it – I just had to check it out. Happy to be your first commenter and looking forward to reading your posts. I asked the question about leaving H&H because I read that you are now taking on decorating clients and wondered how you could manage both. Maybe you’re like Martha and get by on 4-5 hours sleep??

    • Haha Vanessa, I am definitely no Martha! I just love design and decorating, so I try to find time to fit in some special projects here and there. But, no, I need MUCH more than 4-5 hours of sleep!


  16. steph says:

    Congrats Michael – the blog looks great! You’ve been busy over the holidays :) Looking forward to see more…

    • STEPHANIE!!! Where have you been all my life!?!? Thanks for checking out the blog and email me will ya?

      I need to hear all your newwwwwws!


      “Don’t STOP belieeeeevin’ ” Sorry guys, inside joke!

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