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  1. BIG NEWS! Pineapple Street To Carry New Furniture Paint Soon!

    August 19, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    After being asked, urged and begged to carry a line of oh-so-trendy furniture paint, I am happy to say Yes!  Yes!  Yes!  

    Our new shop, Pineapple Street in Downtown Whitby will be carrying a special new paint line called Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint!



    This paint is a dream come true because…

    1.  You can get straight to painting – no sanding or priming required!

    2.  The paint is thicker than normal paint and goes on like a dream with a foam roller – no brush marks!

    3.  It dries to a durable matte finish and no top coat or wax is required!  There are lots of finishing options available but they are an added bonus, not a must.

    4.  There is a whole range of gorgeous colours to choose from!  There’s soft and romantic to cheerful and punchy to dark and moody!  These are classic and designer-approved colours that will make your furniture sing!

    Check out some of the colours and inspiration here!  Introducing Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint!

    Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint Available At Pineapple Street Whitby

    Fusion Mineral Based Furniture Paint Available At Pineapple Street Whitby




































    Our shipment of paint is on it’s way to Pineapple Street right now, so look for it any day in charming Historic Downtown Whitby!  For more information keep an eye out on this blog or call Pineapple Street at 905 493 8800.

  2. Justin Trudeau Visits Sweet Violet!

    August 14, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Tuesday was an exciting day at Sweet Violet – we had a surprise visit from Justin Trudeau!

    I was just as shocked as you are!  

    He stopped by to congratulate on the three fledgling stores and to have a peek around!  Unfortunately I was in Toronto at a trade show but Kathy from Sweet Violet was happy to give the tour and take a few snaps!

    And here he is!  (Good choice of top colour Kathy!)

    Justin Trudeau at Sweet Violet in Downtown Whitby

    Justin Trudeau with Kathy at Sweet Violet in Downtown Whitby

  3. Soak Up Summer…

    August 14, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    I’m really starting to hear back to school ads on the radio and I just spent the last 3 days in Toronto shopping from wholesalers for Christmas items for the shop!  All this makes me want to hold on to these last drops of summer.  In a few months time we’ll be wishing for the glorious sun and balmy breeze.

    Whether you’re at a cottage or just go for a walk in the park, be sure to soak up summer now!






  4. July 25, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 8.02.18 PM

  5. Fresh Crop of Cushions at Penney & Co!

    July 24, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Everyone seems to love our custom made cushions at Penney  & Company and we’ve got a fresh crop in for you!

    Each one is locally made with fabrics we source from far and wide with unique patterns and designs.  They all have 20″ feather inserts and zippers so you can clean the covers and you can purchase just the cover if you have your own inserts.

    Have fun mixing and matching!

    Custom Penney & Co cushions $69.50

    Custom Penney & Co cushions $69.50

  6. Cheerful Cottage Dishes and Linens

    July 21, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Check out the latest assortment of summer-bbq-ready dishes and linens available at Penney & Co and Pineapple Street.

    Ticking stripes are a summer staple and this cheerful red is just plain happy!  We’ve got runners, placemats and napkins too.  The red really works well with vintage ceramics and even some Cath Kidston mugs that feel like they’re from an old diner.

    This is happy decorating people!

    Ticking Linens and Vintage Dishes at Penney & Company

    Ticking Linens and Vintage Dishes at Penney & Company


    Cath Kidson Mugs at Pineapple Street

    Cath Kidston Mugs at Pineapple Street

  7. Fresh Bedding at Sweet Violet

    July 19, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    If you’re looking to freshen up your cottage bedrooms or perhaps some place at home for guests, isn’t this the coziest, homiest, crawl-into-me bed you’ve seen in a while?  I say yes!

    New fresh bedding with a charming vintage flair at Sweet Violet in Downtown Whitby today.  Check it out!

    Bedding, Slipcovered Headboard, Lamps - all Sweet Violet

    Bedding, Slipcovered Headboard, Lamps – all Sweet Violet

  8. Sweet Violet & Pineapple Street Featured in House & Home Magazine!

    July 17, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    We’re all feeling pretty proud around here since Canadian House & Home’s feature on our new shops Sweet Violet and Pineapple Street in this month’s issue!


    It’s a great article with some lovely photographs that just make you wanna check out the exciting transformations happening in Downtown Whitby!  We’ve already had calls from across the country for our hot air balloons, bedding and more!

    Thank you to House & Home, and my good friends Kimberly Brown (editor) and Michael Graydon (photographer).  You’re the best!



  9. Painted Nightstands At Sweet Violet!

    July 15, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Here’s not one but two pair of lovely little painted nightstands NEW at Sweet Violet!

    Both are chalk painted and have a softly distressed patina.  One pair is in a soft french grey with pine tops and brass pulls.  The other are a warm white with jadeite knobs – lots of storage and homespun style to boot!

    Check them out at Sweet Violet today!

    Grey and Natural Bedside Tables $

    Grey and Natural Nightstands $289 for pair 22″ H x 12″ W x 16″ D

    Chalk Painted Nightstands with Jadeite Knobs $

    Warm White Chalk Painted Nightstands with Jadeite Knobs $325 for pair 24″ W x 24″H x 16″ D

  10. Floral Arranging Class with Mint At Pineapple Street!

    July 12, 2014 by michaelpenneystyle

    Thank you so much to Laurel Munro from Whitby’s Mint Floral Co for leading a wonderful class for us at Pineapple Street this morning!


    We learned the insider secrets for how to create a loose and natural arrangement and got the confidence to follow our instincts when building an arrangement that is uniquely beautiful.

    Laurel is a kind and helpful teacher

    Laurel is a kind and helpful teacher

    Laurel provided the most beautiful and unusual flowers for the class (sweet peas, clematis, myrtle and garden roses) and the best part was we got to keep what we’d arranged!  Bonus!


    Pineapple Street never smelled – or looked – so good!


    Thank you Laurel!